The Aachen Graphene & 2D Materials Center exploits the unique properties of graphene, two-dimensional (2D) materials and 2D heterostructures for different applications in the fields of electronics, sensors and photonics. The center brings together the complementary expertise and facilities of Aachen’s world leading research groups in the area of material science, analytics, device design and manufacturing, and hence covers the entire value chain needed to bridge the gap from the basic science to applications.


New perspectives on Layer Transfer and Artificial Crystalline Heterostructures at IKZ – A talk by Dr. Jens Martin

Dr. Jens Martin, from the Leibniz-Insitut für Kristallforschung (IKZ) in Berlin, has been the speaker of the 30th Aachen Graphene Center Seminar. Dr. Martin is the head of the section Semiconductor Nanostructures at IKZ, and one of the coordinators of the IKZ-IRIS Joint Lab “Layer Transfer for 2D-Heterostructures“.  In his talk, presented the recent advances …


Prof. Max Lemme, Chair of Electronic Devices, RWTH Aachen University & AMO GmbH (Spokesperson)
Prof. Sven Ingebrandt, Institute of Materials in Electrical Engineering 1, RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Dante Kennes, Institute for Theory of Statistical Physics, RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Joachim Knoch, Institute of Semiconductor Electronics, RWTH Aachen University
Dr. Annika Kurzmann, 2nd Institute of Physics A, RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Markus Morgenstern2nd Institute of Physics B, RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Renato Negra, Chair of High Frequency Electronics, RWTH Aachen University
Dr. Daniel Neumaier, Chair of Smart Sensor Systems, Bergische Universität Wuppertal & AMO GmbH
Prof. Christoph Stampfer, 2nd Institute of Physics A, RWTH Aachen University
Prof. Andrei Vescan, Compound Semiconductor Technology, RWTH Aachen University
Dr. Zhenxing Wang
, AMO GmbH