The Aachen Graphene & 2D Materials Center gains a new member

Dr. Zhenxing Wang, head of the Graphene Electronics Group at AMO GmbH, is a new member of the Aachen Graphene & 2D Materials Center.

Portrait of Dr. Zhenxing Wang
Dr. Zhenxing Wang

“Actually I feel more like an old acquaintance than a new member”, says Wang, which has been a regular presence at the series of seminars organized by the Center since this was established. Indeed, Wang has been working in the Graphene Electronics Group at AMO since 2014, being for a long time the deputy of Daniel Neumeier, and taking the lead of the group in February 2020, when Neumeier moved to the University of Wuppertal.

Wang’s research activity focuses on the development of graphene-based electronics, especially for high frequency applications, as well as on the wafer scale integration of graphene material. He is leading different German national projects (e.g. DFG project: HiPeDi, MOSTFLEX) as well as EU international projects from AMO side (Graphene Flagship, 2D-EPL, G-Imager, WiPLASH  and GreEnergy – starting in Jan. 2021).

On his background, Wang has a PhD from Peking University on radio-frequency electronics based on graphene and carbon nanotubes, and a Post-Doc at the University of Erlangen- Nuremberg, where he also worked on graphene and self-assembled monolayers.  

“We are very happy that Zhenxing is now officially a member of the Center”, says Prof. Christoph Stampfer, spokesperson of the Aachen Graphene & 2D Materials Center. “AMO’s Graphene Electronics Group is one of the pillars of the Center and it is good to have the connection between AMO and Center solidly reinforced”.