An extensive review on graphene-based microwave circuits

Mohamed Saeed and co-workers have published an extensive review article on graphene-based microwave circuits in the journal Advanced Materials.

Graphene‚ÄźBased Microwave Circuits: A Review - Saeed - - Advanced Materials  - Wiley Online Library
Cover Art of Advanced Materials, dedicated to the use of graphene for high-frequency applications (@Wiley)

The review includes both an overview of the different methodologies to fabricate graphene-based field-effect transistors (GFETs) and diodes, as well as a thorough discussion of their application in different micro and millimeter-wave circuits, highlighting the advantages, but also the limitations of graphene for high-frequency applications.  The work is published open-access.

Graphene-based microwave circuits are one of the fields of research of the Aachen Graphene & 2D Materials Center and a strong point of collaboration between AMO GmbH, the Chair of High Frequency Electronics (HFE) and the Chair of Electronic Devices (ELD, both at RWTH Aachen University).

Bibliographic information:
Saeed, M., Palacios, P., Wei, M.-D., Baskent, E., Fan, C.-Y., Uzlu, B., Wang, K.-T., Hemmetter, A., Wang, Z., Neumaier, D., Lemme, M.C. and Negra, R.
“Graphene-Based Microwave Circuits: A Review“.
Adv. Mater. (2022), Adcepted Author Manuscript